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How Short Pump became a traffic nightmare – and how to fix it.
Home & Garden
Home & Garden

Boogie Nights

Summer Concerts
Summer concert season is upon us.

Stuck Inside?

Stuck Inside
When it rains, it pours. Thankfully, there’s plenty to do indoors.
Home & Garden

Get Out!

Bald Eagle
From snorkeling to foot golf to mushroom foraging – enjoying the outdoors doesn’t have to be the same old same old.
Home & Garden

Oil Change

Ginger Snaps
The joys of cooking with deliciously neutral canola.

Quick Getaways

Wild Wolf Brewery
Why head out of state or the country? Options abound in your own backyard.
Home & Garden

The Other Golf

Mini Golf
Putt-Putt also has its pros. And some of them live right here.

Sip & Stroke

Sip and Stroke
Is your inner artist trying to get out? Try a little wine and paint.
About Us

About Henrico Monthly

Henrico Monthly was launched as a news and lifestyle magazine in March, 2013. An independent audit reported its circulation at 50,344 with 49,701 copies mailed to upscale households in western Henrico County.

April Letters To and From the Editor

As quickly as ice-covered roads turn into a springy sop, the best sports month comes rushing in. After deflating footballs and the abuse the NFL inflicts, March Madness has a purifying effect. It’s cleansing, inclusive and fair-minded: Sixty-seven teams get a chance to lose to Kentucky, after all.
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