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Dr. Debunk

Local health professionals dispel some common myths.

Breaking Through

New research at VCU Massey Cancer Center offers hope for breast cancer patients.

Dose of Reality

New study finds link between high-dosage birth control pills and breast cancer.

Fertile Ground

One in eight couples has trouble getting pregnant. But there’s help, experts say.
Home and Garden

Falling for Fall

Finding beauty in your garden’s last gasps.

Swing is King

Backyard play sets are changing, but some things never change: Kids still love to swing.
About Us

About Henrico Monthly

Henrico Monthly was launched as a news and lifestyle magazine in March, 2013. An independent audit reported its circulation at 50,344 with 49,701 copies mailed to upscale households in western Henrico County.

October Letters

I’m trying to do the right thing. But I still watch. If there’s a TV in the vicinity, I still can’t help but tune in to the Redskins on Sundays.
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