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Lakeside Rising

LakesideWhy the post-war development is attracting new businesses and young professionals.

Sunday Mournings

Joyce MullinsThey found her strangled to death, in a bathtub. Twenty years later, Inez Childress’ killer remains at large.

Still Chugging

Model TrainModel train enthusiasts keep history alive, one tiny track at a time.

Colon Crisis

Colon CrisisWith rectal cancer rising in young adults, doctors search for answers.
Home and Garden

Keeping Score

Approved StampNew credit cards, late payments and the surprise medical crisis: What’s behind your credit score.

A Penny a Day

Can’t afford a financial consultant? Try these 30 penny-pinching tips.
Home and Garden

Fall Forward

Fall Forward
If you want a golden garden by fall, now is the time to start.

A Cup Above

LentilsGoing meatless has its perks: The joys of protein-rich lentils
Home and Garden

Test of Wills

Last WillDivvying up the inheritance can stress any family. So plan ahead.
About Us

About Henrico Monthly

Henrico Monthly was launched as a news and lifestyle magazine in March, 2013. An independent audit reported its circulation at 50,344 with 49,701 copies mailed to upscale households in western Henrico County.

March Letters To and From the Editor

In my 20 years of reporting, I’ve made some terrible mistakes. From the seemingly minor and stupid (I once misspelled Bob Dylan’s last name) to quoting a deceased attorney (there really is a plausible explanation for this). I have to work really hard at not screwing up. And I still do. All the time.
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