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Saigon in the Suburbs

Saigon in the SuburbsSlowly, a strip of tiny post-WWII houses off Horsepen and Broad turned into Hanoi on the James. But how?

Shifting Lanes

Bus rapid transit
Will Bus Rapid Transit work in the suburbs?

Different Strokes

Different Strokes
New technology is changing how stroke patients are treated – and speeding up recovery.
Home & Garden

Top Nut

Top Nut
If you don’t feel like one, perhaps you should: the tasty, heart-healthy walnut.

No Quiero Taco Bell!

Forget fast-food burritos. Authentic Latino food is right under our noses.
Home & Garden

Shrubbing It

Looking for a year-round, problem-free yard decoration? Here’s the shrub.
Home & Garden

Buyer Beware

Buyer BewareIn the market for a house? Here’s how to spot serious problems.
About Us

About Henrico Monthly

Henrico Monthly was launched as a news and lifestyle magazine in March, 2013. An independent audit reported its circulation at 50,344 with 49,701 copies mailed to upscale households in western Henrico County.

May Letters To and From the Editor

As quickly as ice-covered roads turn into a springy sop, the best sports month comes rushing in. After deflating footballs and the abuse the NFL inflicts, March Madness has a purifying effect. It’s cleansing, inclusive and fair-minded: Sixty-seven teams get a chance to lose to Kentucky, after all.
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